This is a collection of my personal and work related publications. Enjoy browsing! 🙂


The Surge – Tech Evolution and Challenges

We’ve presented this talk at the GermanDevDays in Frankfurt as well as the Games Day in Stuttgart.

It focuses on all the technical challenges we faced when moving from Lords of the Fallen to The Surge and all the new things we did on the go.

There are also a couple of technical details, regarding our GPU based particle system as well as the GPU based culling system, hidden in there.

Download the full PDF (High Quality)


Volumetric Lighting for Many Lights in Lords of the Fallen

In this session I’m going to give you an in-depth insight into the design and the implementation of the volumetric lighting system we’ve developed for Lords of the Fallen. The system allows the simulation of countless volumetric lighting effects in parallel while still being a feasible solution on next-gen consoles.

This presentation was held at the Digital Dragons 2014 conference.

Download the full PDF (High Quality)

Building Your Own Engine – Making Games

We had the honor to contribute a whole series about writing, extending and maintaining your own game engine. I’ve contributed to parts three and four of the series:

Series Part 3 – Visual Effects
Series Part 4 – Particle Effects