Intrinsic is currently in its child shoes, but… There are already a lot of features available to play around with. Feel free to try them out! This page serves as collection of all available features as well as all references I used for the implementation.

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General Features
  • Capable WYSIWYG editor IntrinsicEd
  • Fully multithreaded renderer and engine core
  • Data oriented engine design and data driven rendering process, inspired by the great blog posts of the Bitsquid/Stingray team [1]
  • Hot reloading of textures, meshes, shaders and various configuration files
  • Prefabs: Easily save any node/entity hierarchy as a prefab and comfortably place/reuse them everywhere using the prefab browser
  • Asset importer supporting various texture formats and FBX files for meshes
  • Easily configurable benchmarking system
  • Scripting via LUA
  • PhysX integration supporting simple rigid bodies and character controllers
  • Easy CPU and GPU profiling using Microprofile
Rendering Features
  • Physically based rendering pipeline (based on [2] and [3])
  • Procedural sky radiance model (based on [4])
  • (Clustered) Deferred opaque and transparent lighting
  • (Clustered bindless) Deferred decals
  • (Clustered) Local irradiance and specular probes supporting dynamic day and night changes
    • Irradiance is automatically generated and stored as third order SHs
    • Specular probes are pre-filtered using GGX importance sampling
  • Global irradiance (skylight) using the approximated irradiance from the skylight model
  • Volumetric fog considering all lighting parameters (sunlight, irradiance, lights, …, based on [5])
  • Volume based post effect system supporting various effects (fake DoF, vignette, chromatic aberration, bleach bypass, film grain, …)
  • Automated roughness adjustment to fight specular aliasing (based on [6])
  • Antialiasing: SMAA [7]
  • SSAO: HBAO with temporal reprojection/stabilization [8]
  • HDR rendering with compute based bloom, luminance based eye adaption and filmic tonemapping
  • Simple procedural lens flares and lens ghosts
  • Various material shaders for water, animated foliage and grass, opaque materials, terrain, …